The Blue Lagoon Derive

Wednesday the 22nd of July 2009
5.26am – 8.20pm in Dublin

This tour was undertaken by Kathryn Maguire and Aoife Desmond aka Desmond & Maguire in conjunction with Richview, U.C.D. Summer Projects titled What Now?

We used ‘The Blue Lagoon’ by H. De Vere Stacpoole published by George Newnes, Ltd in 1908, to guide our walk. The book was bought in a secondhand shop after the first meeting with What now, we used this book as our guide and using a type of bibliomancy- By randomly picking pages and reading the first text that our eyes met, we guided our walk. The found texts acted as clues to discover. When we discovered a clue for example; a stranded boat, we flipped open the book and continued on in pursuit of the next random text clue. We started our journey at 6am at Sandymount Martello Tower, Dublin got lost, walked in circles and then we were heading for Dún Laoghaire by 6pm, interestingly De Vere Stacpoole wrote the book and was from Kingston (Dún Laoghaire).