Of Time and Space

Walk or cycle the Royal Canal and let science be your guide in April (19th-24th)2012.
How has the equation i² = j² = k² = ijk = −1 influenced the world.

Time explained...
Both myself and a group studying Community Care in Marino College embarked on a great discovery of the secrets of Dunsink Observatory and Time, also where Ireland had its own Mean Time and was 25 minutes before London, this was also commonly known as Dunsink Time. William Rowan Hamilton the Observatory's Chief Astronomer and Director discovered a equation which is now only being realised 169 years after him. We will communicate these findings in a graffiti work on the Croke Park site.

Public Event
Cycle back in time on 21st April at 1pm at Croke Park on the Royal Canal 2012 as part of The Five Lamps Arts Festival and meet characters from Ulysses who are out of time but for a good reason. Dunsink time is mentioned five times in James Joyce's novel, Ulysses.

Thanks to the group studying Community Care in Marino College who created the graffiti work, Swenys Pharmacy of 1 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2 and Actor Vinnie Mc Cabe, and Maurice O Reilly, Head of the Mathematics Department at St. Patrick's College for their kind participation in this project and , to Mathematicians Fiacre O' Cairbre, N.U.I. and Hilary O' Donnell in Dunsink Observatory a member of the School of Cosmic Physics; the Astrophysics and Astronomy Section (D.I.A.S) and Alan Gallagher Croke Park for their kind support.


Vinnie McCabe
Bloom Speaks
Sweny's Pharmacy speaks
Jmaes Joyce on the Royal Canal
Maurice O Reilly
speaks about Hamilton
The Group
Annie King photoes
Measure Time
pic by Annie King
pic by Annie King