Meten is Weten in O Diamond Diamond, thou little knowest what thou hast done in Unit 3&4 Joyce Street part of Five Lamps Arts Festival.
19th - 28th April 2012.

Meten is Weten
means many things in the Dutch language. A german friend translated it as 'Time is Measure'. In Holland it means 'Measure is to Know' or 'Measuring is Knowing'.
This exhibition has evolved from researching the history and happenings in Dunsink Observatory discovered in Of Time & Space. How can one measure, and tell the time, when it is a indifferent sun which is further away, which we live by. In the period 1870-1916 Dunsink Observatory read and measured the sun and stars to deliver the correct true time of Ireland. The 1880 Definition of Time Act set the official time in Ireland to be Dublin mean time. Dunsink time is mentioned five times in James Joyce's novel, Ulysses.
This was changed in 1916 to GMT, when the Country was maybe too busy to notice the change. Science tells us one thing and Trade sells us another.
pic by Annie King
Time lapses in the sky
pic by Annie King