The Possibility of an Impossibility.

Medium: Platanus (Plane) seeds sprayed in tear gas, cast in solid sterling silver on black acrylic disc.
Size : Silver seeds

The work ‘The Possibility of an Impossibility’ includes seeds from Gezi Park, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey. The seeds are from Plane (Platanus) Trees that were once threatened and some cut down, they were witness to the events in June 2013 whereby the Occupy Gezi Movement was shut down by riot police and all were repeatedly covered in tear gas and water cannons. They are now immortalized in solid sterling silver.

The seeds represent a ecologicsocial event. Once they were witness to an event whereby people convened and discussed potential and change, now they become but a gesture to their Uprising. They symbolize change and desire and a real common need for togetherness in this change. The work is a commentary about the threatened trees in Gezi Park, Istanbul, Turkey. The beginning of the Occupy Gezi was originally about a peaceful protest to try to save the threatened trees in the park, which then escalated into chaos. The innocent lives of people were under violent attack of an unprecedented amount of Riot Police and tear gas and water cannons; freedom of speech itself was under threat. The trees stood for so much more than a violent act towards Nature; the Turkish authorities are still using force to silence anyone who speaks out against the State. This oppression and disregard for Nature combined create a new form of environmentalism and activism, as Nature itself is now a capital and is easily replaced.