Marking and Mapping

I developed and hosted a Psychogeographical workshop in Cork in 2005, part of Cork Caucus. After the maps were collated I brought groups of artists, writers, actors and dancers on the Tour. The text which was gathered from newspaper articles from the 18th Century which was read aloud at each destination on the tour, was about Cork's Growth and Decline at the turn of the Century. I also placed signs on signposts close to each site which had the newspaper text printed on them and laminated - similar to County Council Planning signs. My questioning in the Tour was to view Cork in 2005 through the eyes of the 18th Century. To question whether had it evolved since those newspaper clippings. I and a graffiti artist Kong created large scale graffiti works on a disused toilet at St Patricks Bridge along the River Lee. This site was the Tour's departure place. The images on the Toilet were of a ballet dancer with a text from Shandon Bells Clock face- Passenger measure your time for time is the measure of your being., the second side had a stenciled image of a sailor and prostitute and the final image was of a boat. This project was commissioned by the National Sculpture Factory, in Cork .
Cork Caucus was in 2005 and was part of Cork Celebrating the Capital of Culture.