This image was found in a abandoned printing works in Dublin, Ireland. The image portrays a site of protest which was taken in May 1981 in Greece, which was inscribed in pen on back of picture. I thought it was a holiday snap. It will become archival documentation to an event in Wyspa Poland. Draft Card Burning Here - Notes of Protest. The project is being made in cooperation and research with Jan Franciszek Cieslak and assisted by Dominika Jaworski. It is taking place as part of the If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part of Your Revolution platform, in collaboration with The Dutch Art Institute, and the Wyspa Institute of Art. Currated by Frederique Bergholtz and Maaike Gouwenberg.

The overarching theme for the event is ‘Affect’ and the project itself will be taking place at the Wyspa, located in the docklands of Gdansk. The site was formerly known as the Lenin Shipyard where famously in 1980 the Solidarity Movement began.

The building that now houses the Wyspa, used to be a school for boatbuilding and my basic premise for the exhibition is to transform one of the buildings at the Wyspa complex, back into a ‘school’ of sorts; a place offering its resources for learning, practice, and research. However, rather than the school’s previous instruction, the intention is to create a ‘school’ for musicians, centred on the subject of the Protest Song.

The project offers local musicians and bands the opportunity to use the gallery space at the Wyspa as a rehearsal studio. The space is open for the musicians to use at their disposal, both day and night and throughout the week. Inside the space, I will be installing an audiovisual archive relating to the history of the Protest Song. The archive will be offered to the musicians as an added resource, available to be copied, recorded, sampled and to use in any way they see fit. Beginning May 1st at the Wyspa Institute of Art and (officially) opened to the public on the 8th of May 2010